November 13, 2009
Dear Japonesia Review readers and supporters,

This is to inform our readers and supporters that with this issue we are closing the journal Japonesia Review in its present printed form. We do, however, recognize the necessity for radical media to convey critical analyses of the situation in the Japanese archipelago, and we understand that the importance of presenting alternative voices from social movements for social justice and peace continues and even increases, particularly given the drastic changes in Japanese politics coming with the downfall of the Liberal Democratic Party government. We will therefore continue carrying out our media activities through our website. We hope you will visit the website, “People’s Plan Japonesia” ( We are uploading all JR articles there and are remodeling the site to keep our readers abreast of social and political activism as well as the rapidly changing situation in the archipelago.

For the people who supported the journal in various ways, we would like to express our appreciation and earnestly wish to have your continuous support for our media activities through above mentioned website.

We are eager to remain connected with you through the website as well as in our common struggle for a world where we no longer live under capitalism and empire.

Thank you again.
The Editors